Frank Succardi

Frank Succardi 
programmer * producer * network administrator * web designer 

Frank Succardi
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Welcome to the home page of Frank Succardi; IT Manager, Network Administrator, Programmer, Animator, Multimedia Producer, and Entrepreneur contributing to a wide variety of businesses in demanding and diverse environments. 

Interested in challenging projects that allow me to exercise my abilities. 

I have extensive experience in the computer programming, networking, and video production fields. 

I am seeking leading edge business opportunities working as a consultant or project manager in the programming or media fields.  I enjoy working in the space and defense fields, as well as government, non-profit, gaming, and educational institutions.

I am looking for 40 hours a week guaranteed, hourly or on salary, working for a company with competitive compensation packages.

I currently work on a freelance basis, but have recently become interested in more steady work.

Recruiters, head hunters- make me a competitive offer!

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