Frank Succardi
programmer * web developer * digital artist * game designer * audio/video producer

I love digital media; I could spend the rest of my life doing nothing but creating all kinds of digital media.

I have a degree in Digital Media / Multimedia and I enjoyed teaching various digital media classes as a part-time instructor at Santa Fe Community College for several years. Topics I taught included 3D Studio Max, Interactive Programming, Director/Flash, and more.

Creating 3D meshes, texturing them, and then bringing them to life in a multi-player 3D world is incredibly fun. I love every aspect of creating digital art: from snapping photographs of interesting textures, to modeling the object in 3D, applying the surface texture, and creating scenes in a 3D realm.

I use a variety of mainstream media tools to create digital art pieces.  Using photos, sketches, a graphics tablet, and my imagination and skills, I come up with creative and one-of-a-kind digital artwork for a variety of applications.

Let's Make Great Digital Art!

Tools of my trade:

  • 3D Studio Max
  • TrueSpace/GameSpace
  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Wacom Graphics Tablet
  • Pen/Ink
  • Canon Digital SLR Camera
  • Sony Digital Camcorder

 Examples of my work:

Maiden America:
Master of Force Fields
Dealer of Justice

maiden america look full body2
maiden america 1t maiden america look forwardt maiden america look left t

Remmik Starcross:
Galactic Adventurer For Hire

remmik starcross future me
remmik starcross future me eve avatar 1t frank future me eve avatar t frank future me eve avatar look left t

3D Video Game Asset Examples:

 Wooden Fort Watchtower
Low-polygon mesh, suitable for use in RTS or MMORPG

my watchtower

 Abandoned Cemetery Scenery Set
All low-polygon mesh, suitable for use in RTS or MMORPG



crypt1aEngraved Crypt


 grave marker 1grave marker 3 grave marker 4
Weathered Gravestones

2D Art

 my ice planet2
Ice Planet 1

my terminator

miniature village
French Village: Miniaturized

miniature pyramid
Pyramids: Miniaturized!

indy text
Indie's Portrait in Story Form

I love creating digital art; from fantasy to science fiction.  Contact me now.

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remmik starcross future me eve avatar 1t
Have You Seen This Human?

NAME: Remmik Starcross


Contact Galactic Authority With Information

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You Know You Want To

I can add value to your web, AV, gaming, and network projects.

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