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My Dog Fell Asleep With His Tongue Out
Then He Wiggles It Like A Party Favor!

Why do dogs stick their tongues out when they sleep?  It turns out that some dogs do this when they are completely relaxed.

I have two dogs that sleep with their tongue out.  One is an older dog, about 7 years old.  She often sleeps with her tongue out.  You can see just tip peeking out between her lips.  Sometimes she wakes up and still has it sticking out LOL.

My Dog Is Sleeping With His Tongue Out

The other night my wife and I were watching TV and my dogs were asleep on the 'dog couch' (an old futon they are allowed to get on).  My wife looked over and had to stifle a laugh.  She pointed towards the dog couch so I looked.  It was hilarious.  My young dog, Junior (only 2 yrs old) was asleep with his tongue out, so that was pretty cute.  I noticed he had his tongue sticking out pretty far, that was pretty funny.  But it was what he was doing with his tongue that made me laugh.

What made it EXTRA funny this time is that not only did my dog fall asleep with his tongue hanging out, but this time he WIGGLES it like a party favor.

LOL - this little guy was a feral pup I adopted a couple of years ago.  He's a good boy.  He often sleeps with his tongue out, but I've never seen him wiggle it like this before.  I'm so glad I managed to capture it on this video.

Check him out here on YouTube: My Dog Fell Asleep With His Tongue out

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