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How to Roll d66 Using Normal Dice

A great way to bring fresh new material into your science fiction RPG, or even just to give details to a certain situation is to use RPG expansion tables.  One common form of RPG expansion is a d66 table.  I have authored a line of d66 RPG expansion tables for science fiction games, such as Traveller, Cepheus Engine, d6 space, and most other popular sci-fi tabletop RPG systems based on 6-sided dice.

What Does d66 Mean?

Gamers roll a lot of dice and commonly they are unusual dice, with more than 6 sides.  Instead of constantly writing or saying, "roll 2 six-sided dice" or, "roll 4 eight-sided dice" they have developed a type of shorthand.  You abbreviate, "roll 2 six-sided dice" as "roll 2d6".  Basically, you put the number of dice first, the letter, "d", then the number of sides on the dice to roll.

Roll: <quantity> d <number of sides>

2d6 means roll 2 six-sided dice

3d8 means roll 3 eight-sided dice

4d10 means roll 4 ten-sided dice

So d66 must mean, "roll 1 sixty-six-sided die", right?  Well kind of.

What Is a d66?

A d66 is a way to generate numbers between 11 and 66.  It is used on RPG expansion tables to give you a range of 36 different numbers.

Thankfully you don't need a special 66-sided die to accomplish this.  You can do it with a normal set of 6-sided dice (2d6).

How Do I Roll A d66?

You probably thought that 2 dice could only give you the numbers 2-12.  Well, that's how we've been using six-sided dice in other games our whole lives.  But there is another way to use six-sided dice; by rolling them and considering them separately.   One die is the tens digit, the other die is the ones digit.  The easiest way to do this is to use two different colored dice and designating one color as the tens and the other as the ones.  If you don't have dice of two different colors, just roll a single six-sided twice.  The first roll is the tens digit and the second roll is the one digit.

Use this technique to roll d66, generating a number from 11 to 66.  Then consult the RPG expansion tables for the results.

d66 Resources

Check out the YouTube video: How to Roll d66 Using Normal Dice

If you're looking for great sci-fi RPG d66 expansion tables, check out my product line at DriveThruRPG.

Check here for quality gaming dice: EasyRoller Dice Company

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