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Mayday! Traveller Day 2019
Traveller RPG Player Discussion Panel

This is an interview with some of my players from all around the world.

These are 2 different views I have been GMing for during the last year or two.

Get a perspective of the game and find out why Traveller RPG is such a beloved sci-fi game.

Watch the video on YouTube:  Mayday! 2019 Traveller RPG Player Discussion Panel

If you are ready to start your travels across the cosmos, try the Traveller Starter Set


Traveller RPG Resources:


- Introduction to Traveller

- Relating to Traveller

- Traveller RPG Character Creation

- Nock Nova, Star Traveller (Promo -2019)


- My Mayday 2019 Interview with Marc W. Miller of Far Future Enterprises, the creator of Traveller

- My Mayday 2019 Interview with John Watts of Independence Games, the creator of Clement Sector

- My Mayday 2019 Interview with Omer Joel of Stellagama Publishing, the creator of These Stars Are Ours


- Traveller RPG Ship: Far Trader Deck Plans for Roll20 and other Virtual Tabletop (VTT) systems


Additional Resources:

- Mongoose Traveller 1st Edition Character Generator

- Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition Character Generator

- Classic Traveller Character Sheet PDF plus Pregenerated Characters

- Mongoose Traveller Character Sheet PDF

- Traveller RPG Character Races

Check out my Traveller RPG YouTube channel (CyborgPrime) now!

If you are interested in learning more about Traveller, try the Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition Traveller Core Rulebook



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