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Traveller RPG Character Creation Tips
Nick Nova, Star Traveller (E3 - 2019)

Join Nick Nova as he travels the cosmos exploring topics of interest to sci-fi gamers.

In this episode, Nick gives an overview of Traveller's unique character creation process.

Traveller RPG character creation is unique.

The Traveller RPG character generator process takes your character through a virtual life. Characters develop a background story that goes from their childhood, into adulthood, and beyond. Traveller RPG characters usually start as 18-year-olds in pursuit of their careers. Each career is broken up into 4-year terms and it is possible to change careers as you generate your character. Your character continues in their career for as many terms as the player chooses – or if the character is involuntarily prevented from continuing in their current career due to dice rolls during character generation.

In Classic Traveller, it was possible to fail your career survival check and be killed during character creation. It seems kind of harsh, but it is a quality that is endearing to players of the Classic edition. After all, space is a dangerous place.

The Traveller RPG character races are diverse. There are thousands of races across the galaxy, but the main races in Traveller are three varieties of Human (Human, Zhodani, and Vilani), a race of dog-like people called the Vargr, a race of cat-like people known as the Aslan, a race of small lizard-like humanoids known as the Droyne, and a race of strange, starfish-like aliens known as Hivers.

Despite the large variation of Traveller character races, most starting players choose Humans or their Galactic cousins the Vilani for their character’s race.

In both Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition and 1st edition, death was replaced with a significant life event. Each term your character spends in a career adds a career event to the character’s back story. In the end, you have a character with a full back story going from their life back on their homeworld, through their various careers, to where they are now: exploring the cosmos for whatever their reason is.

The Traveller Character creation flowchart is a step-by-step way to create your Traveller character. The outline format in Mongoose Traveller 1st edition is much preferred, while the actual Character Creation Flowchart in the Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition is harder to follow and can be confusing.

Check out the Traveller RPG character creation process. You will find it a unique and refreshing way to create classless characters for the most popular sci-fi RPG tabletop game.

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Check out my Traveller RPG YouTube channel (CyborgPrime) now!

If you are interested in learning more about Traveller, try the Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition Traveller Core Rulebook


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