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JavaScript Frameworks

Why reinvent the wheel?

I was recently asked, “What is your favorite JavaScript framework and why?” I drew a complete blank.

I’ve been using JQuery as a standard library, not because it was “my favorite”, necessarily, but because it was pretty much standard. However, since I originally decided on JQuery, a lot has changed in the Web World. For instance, CSS has come a long way. Since it’s been a while since I checked out what frameworks were available (I admit I became complacent using JQuery), I decided to see what there was in the marketplace and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

When evaluating JavaScript Frameworks, it was important to me to find products that supported the MVC (Model-View- Controller) programming paradigm, as the programming industry considers it a “best practice”. That’s what brought me to Angular.

Angular is a really great framework. It allows you to do data binding with simple notation inside the HTML such as:

<html ng-app >

      <head >

            <script src=”scripts/angular.min.js“></script>




            10 +20 + 30 = {{10+20+30}}



That’s just the simplest form of putting the {{data-binding}} wherever you want dynamic content in your HTML. You can also call functions, and perform other tasks through the data binding.

The other thing I like about Angular is that the DOM (Document Object Model) programming seems a lot cleaner and more lightweight that JQuery. Separating function from display is enforced more easily using Angular. Rather than writing an OnClick event for a button and polluting the HTML with programming code, you can create your own events using Angular script and pass values to the functions through HTML usually in the <div>. This helps keep the display of the data more segregated from the manipulation of the data

Two-way data binding is a great feature of Angular. This allows you to keep your model and view in sync. Update the model, the view changes, change a value in a field in the view and the model updates automatically.

All-in-all this is a great framework for javaScript and now that I've beenusing it and testing it I'm not sure how I got along without it.

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