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Hi, everybody!

You know I like to write, and I like to game, and I like to write about gaming, and I like to make videos about stuff I’m interested in. I’ve created programming guides, game supplements, video tutorials on how to make 3D models, guides to creating different types of art, and more.

Do you have any change rattling around the console of your car? Maybe you have a couple of crumpled-up bills in your pocket? Well, how about using that spare change to help fund the arts (specifically – MY art)?

I started a Patreon page in the hopes of finding kindred spirits who are fortunate enough to have some spare change in their pockets and want to help fund more tabletop gaming, programming, tutorials, and sci-fi resources.

I’m hoping I can get you, my friends and family, to be my first group of Patrons before I go public with my page.

Your pledge of as little as a dollar a month would mean so much to me. It would help me already have a small group of Patrons when I go public and you can cancel anytime.

Whether you can afford to send me your spare dollar a month, or if you want to buy me a fancy coffee to help me out, I’d appreciate your help! If you can’t afford to chip in, then maybe just a note of encouragement?

Anyhow, here is my page where you can learn more about me, Patreon, and my project proposal:

Thanks in advance and MUCH gratitude!



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