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RC Emotes
Games of Chance For Realm Crafter

Free Plugin for Realm Crafter

Just finished a small emotes plugin for Realm Crafter.  I'm providing it to the Community for free.  Please Enjoy!

RC Emotes – Games of Chance gives your game 3 new ways to connect with and interact with other players and the world around you in a more meaningful way.



- Provides a set of 3 Game-of-Chance Emotes for your MMORPG

- When you indicate another nearby player (such as /coin joe), you perform the emote on that player. He sees a notification, you see a notification, and nearby players see a notification. If no other player is indicated, the Emote happens to yourself.

- Emotes are "seeable" only by nearby Players

- Emote triggers animation of the same name

- Simple installation

- Adds a social aspect to your MMORPG

The Emotes contained in this pack:
*(targetName) is optional:

/coin (targetName)
Flips a coin and reports the results.

/rock (targetName)
Shoots Rock, Paper, or Scissors and reports the results.

/roll (targetName)
Rolls a 100-sided die and reports the results

Find it here:

Get your free copy of RealmCrafter Community Edition Here: Download Realm Crafter Community Edition

Check out the RealmCrafter Forums for more info: READ THIS to fix the water plane bug.

For full documentation on the RealmCrafter MMORPG creator, check out my book, Realm Crafter User's Guide

You can also purchase it directly from here: Purchase Realm Crafter User's Guide by Frank Succardi.

Amazon members can get it here: Purchase Realm Crafter User's Guide from


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