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What Is A Ring Light Used For?

neewer 18 inch led ring light kit A ring light is a lighting device that is commonly used for a variety of purposes.  Ring lights are popular for portrait shots, makeup videos, and macro photography.  Ring lights typically allow a camera to be mounted in the center of the ring and provide a uniform light source that helps reduce shadows.  The ring light is normally made up of many small, bright LEDs or from a singular circular fluorescent bulb similar to a desktop magnifier light with the center lens removed and a camera mount put in its place.

The ring light is popular among YouTubers, Twitch creators, and other applications where the subject should be lit from the camera’s point of view.

What Is The Best Ring Light To Get?

There are many different ring lights on the market and many are suitable for general use.  You’ll want to select a ring light that uses a ring of LEDs rather than fluorescent.  Fluorescent ring light bulbs can give a visual flicker and can get hot and don’t last as long, so LED’s are best. 

You’ll want to use a ring light with an 18” diameter so you can fit a camera, tablet, or smartphone in the center.  Another important aspect of the light is the stand.  I’d suggest getting the whole kit, which includes the ring light, a stand with a gooseneck, white and orange diffuse filter lenses, a hot shoe adapter, a smartphone holder, a remote dimmer, and a carry case.

The best ring light to get, in my opinion, is the Neewer 18" Ring Light Kit.  This ring light is incredibly popular among both YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

What Is A Neewer Ring Light?

The Neewer ring light is one of the most popular ring lights available on the market.  It is listed as an Amazon Recommended Product due to its best-selling status and excellent user reviews.  The ring light provides dimmable illumination without dark shadows.  This type of light gives a more three-dimensional look to your YouTube videos or Twitch stream.  Ring lights also add an appealing light ring in the subject’s eyes and are great for lighting up faces.

Which Ring Light Is Better: LED or Fluorescent?

When choosing ring lights, it’s best to choose an LED light source.  Fluorescent bulbs are being discontinued in favor of LED lights.  Fluorescent bulbs are also very fragile compared to LEDs and can break easily, scattering shards of glass everywhere.  LED lights are much more energy-efficient and better for the environment.  In addition, LED lights are fully dimmable.

What Ring Lights Do YouTubers Use?

Many YouTubers prefer Neewer Ring Lights in the 18” size.  The 18” size Neewer Ring Light Kit provides everything a new YouTuber needs to get professional-looking, shadow-free video lighting with that sparkly eyes look. 

How Long Do Ring Light Bulbs Last?

LED lights are noted for having extremely long lives, lasting 8-10 times longer than a fluorescent bulb.  Many LEDs have a rated life span of up to 50,000 hours.  Used 8 hours a day these types of LED lights could last up to 17 years.

What Is The Best Ring Light For Video?

There are many different opinions on this topic.  Amazon lists the Neewer 18" Ring Light Kit as a Top Seller.  It has many positive reviews on Amazon. 

How To Set Up A Neewer Ring Light?

Setting up a Neewer Ring Light is very simple.  It sets up like a regular light stand and has a flexible gooseneck to put the light at any angle.  Place your camera on the center mount and adjust the brightness of the LEDs using the remote control dimmer.  Is the light is too harsh, consider adding on one of the diffuse filter lenses.


If you are a YouTuber or Twitch streamer that is looking for professional, portable lighting you should consider using a ring light.  A Neewer Ring Light 18 with a stand is a lighting setup that will improve the quality of your videos.  Ring lights provide even lighting while reducing shadows and making eyes seem to sparkle.  The proper ring light setup will improve your photography and videography.

If you are looking for a ring light with stand, consider adding the best ring light on Amazon; the Neewer 18” Ring Light Kit.

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