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CyborgPrime Games is dedicated to enriching the sci-fi tabletop RPG experience. It caters to enthusiasts who crave depth in their gaming adventures, offering a wide range of creative resources. Its unique selling points include meticulously crafted starship deck plans, engaging adventure modules, and expansive expansion tables. The project stands out for its commitment to enhancing gameplay, whether in classic tabletop formats or in virtual settings. This destination is a treasure trove for gamers seeking to elevate their sci-fi RPG sessions with quality, imagination, and detail.

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An insightful resource offering articles and guides for sci-fi RPG enthusiasts. Each post delves into various aspects of gaming, from tips and strategies to deep dives into game lore.


A one-stop-shop for exclusive RPG supplements. Here, visitors can browse and purchase a wide range of products, including adventure modules and detailed starship deck plans, designed to enrich their gaming experience.

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Delve into a world where sci-fi gaming comes alive! Our YouTube channel is a hub for RPG enthusiasts, featuring a treasure trove of content.

From detailed tutorials on running Traveller RPG on VTT to insightful interviews and engaging podcast episodes, there's something for every sci-fi RPG fan.

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CyborPrime Author Page

The CyborgPrime Facebook page is a showcase of Frank Succardi's work as a game designer and content creator. It features expansions for RPGs, 3D models, and various creative projects. The page, followed by a growing community of over 400 followers, displays a range of posts from personal insights into game design to announcements about upcoming events and products. Highlights include discussions about AI in gaming, preparations for astronomical events, and links to live stream demos on YouTube, emphasizing Frank's diverse interests and expertise in gaming and multimedia.

Traveller RPG Headquarters

The Traveller RPG Headquarters is an active Facebook group with over 1,700 members, dedicated to the Traveller RPG. This community space features diverse content including game guides, ship designs, and role-playing tips. It's a hub for exchanging ideas, resources, and discussions among publishers and enthusiasts, enriching the sci-fi RPG gaming experience.

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CyborPrime on Discord

A vibrant server where fans can discuss games, share experiences, and get direct support. It's a real-time hub for gaming discussions and community building.

Traveller RPG HQ on Discord

Join fellow Traveller RPG enthusiasts for deep discussions, community events, and shared passion for the game, camaraderie, and player resources.

GameJolt - Game Dev Community

CyborPrime on GameJolt

Actively engaged in GameJolt, a game development community.

Here, you'll find insightful discussions, collaborative projects, and networking opportunities with fellow game developers.


Astounding, Imaginative Fun!

Frank Succardi at CyborgPrime Publishing has created several modules for 'Traveller' that are surprisingly unique and creative. You will recognize the backgrounds and tropes in each module but will be astounded and caught off-guard by the stories. Stories you will be excited to be part of and at the center of. [...] Also, do check out the many tables, generators, character lists, and randomizers CyborgPrime Publishing has. Five Stars!

The Relic (Adventure Module)

I like the way you set this up.

It could be a new episode of Dark Matter or The Expanse.